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Over the past 50 years of formation and development, NPCETC has carried out calibration tests and put into operation for almost all thermal power plants, hydropower plants and substations up to 500kV in North Vietnam.
Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant
Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant

Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant

  • By year: 2006
  • By location: Northern Vietnam
  • By category: Thermal power plant
Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant is the largest coal-fired power plant in Vietnam located in Pha Lai, Chí Linh District, Hải Dương Province, roughly 65 kilometres (40 mi) north-east of Hanoi. It has an installed electric capacity of 1,040 MW. Pha Lai 1 was fully financed and built with the Russian money and experts.
Construction of the 440-MW first plant started on 17 May 1980 and it was completed in 1986. It consists of four 110-MW turbines and eight boilers. Construction of the 600-MW second plant started on 8 June 1998 and it was completed in 2001 by Lilama Construction Company. It consist of two 300-MW units with Mitsui Babcock Energy designed natural circulation boilers and General Electric generators.
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