Some ofOutstanding projects
Over the past 50 years of formation and development, NPCETC has carried out calibration tests and put into operation for almost all thermal power plants, hydropower plants and substations up to 500kV in North Vietnam.
Son La 500kV Transformer Substation
Son La 500kV Transformer Substation

Son La 500kV Transformer Substation

  • By year: 2015
  • By location: Northern Vietnam
  • By category: Substation
Son La 500kV substation is a very important node point in supplying power, not only for the Northwest but also for the South areas. Son La 500kV substation received electricity from two large hydroelectric plants: Son La and Lai Chau; then supplying electricity to Hoa Binh in order to connect to the 500kV No1 line and to the 500kV Hiep Hoa substation (Bac Giang) to provide energy for Hanoi capital and the Northern provinces.

500 kV Son La - Lai Chau high voltage power line and its expansion of 500 kV Son La substations are responsible for transmitting electricity from Lai Chau Hydropower Plant (with a total capacity of 1,200 MW) and small and medium hydropower plants in the Northwest to the National power system, while improving the reliability and flexibility to power system operation. In 2 years of development, the project team was overcome many difficulties such as complex topography and geology, frequent flash floods, landslides, slippery conditions. Finally, team has finished on October 14, 2015, before 16 days of EVN's target.
The project has a total more than 4,070 billion VND investment, invested by EVNNPT and NPMB represents the investor and manages the project. Power Transmission Company 1 supervised the construction and took over the operation management till the project completed.
This project has a big scale of investment and construction. The length of 500 kV Son La - Lai Chau transmission line was 158.5 km (2 electric circuits) from the 500 kV Son La substation to the 500 kV Lai Chau power plant; two 500 kV highway compartments have been expanded and installed at this 500 kV Son La substation.
The 500kV Son La - Lai Chau transmission line has been passed through the districts of Muong La and Thuan Chau of Son La province; Tuan Giao, Muong Cha and Muong Lay districts of Dien Bien province; Nam Nhun district of Lai Chau province. The 500 kV highway compartment extension has been in the 500 kV Son La substation campus, in the territory of Pi Toong village, Muong La district, Son La province. This project started construction on December 22, 2013

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