Conference on production of construction materials from ash, slag

13/11/2018 | Safety news
On 20 June, 2018, the conference on “Production of construction materials from ash, slag” was organized at Vietnam Electricity (EVN) with the participation of its Leaders, Vietnam Thermal Science and Technology Association, coal-fired thermal power plants and several enterprises Producing construction materials form ash, slag.
According to the summary report on ash, slag situation at EVN's coal-fired thermal power plants, with 12 plants being in operation, the total average annual used coal volume is about 34 million tons. Accordingly, the total volume generated from EVN’s coal-fired thermal power plants is 8.1 million tons. Currently, the volume of ash, slag stored in the plants is nearly 15 million tons.

The ash, slag consumption of the plants in the North has been implemented for a long time and mainly reused as an additive for concrete, cement, construction mortar, non-baked bricks with a relatively stable market for slag, ash consumption. Most of the plants have found and contracted with partners to consume major amount of the plant’s ash and slag. Typically, slag and ash of Pha Lai and Ninh Binh plants have completely consumed while Quang Ninh and Mong Duong 1 thermal power plants having a large volume of unconsumed ash and slag. For coal-fired thermal power plants in the South at Duyen Hai and Vinh Tan Thermal Power Centers, which have been just put into operation, they have also worked with units capable of consuming ash, facilitated these units to conduct sampling for testing, then proposing the option for consumption.

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Truong Duy Nghia - President of Vietnam Thermal Science and Technology Association said that: Total coal demand for power generation in the country by 2020 will be 63 million tons, in 2025 is 95.4 million tons and in 2030 is 128.4 million tons equivalent to the total volume of waste ash at 15.09 million tons (2020), 17 million tons (2025) and 20.58 million tons (2030). Therefore, in order to ensure stable operation of coal-fired thermal power plants, there is an urgent need to find solutions to consuming ash and slag continually discharged and existing in dumps currently.

In order to discuss the current status in the production of construction materials from ash, slag discharged from coal-fired thermal power plants, the presentation reports of several companies producing construction materials from ash, slag of Vietnam mainly focus on issues: Technology of Production of un-baked bricks and tiles from waste ash, slag; application of fly ash of thermal plants as materials; methods of producing construction aggregates for ground leveling and filling; solutions and experience in reusing ash, slag of coal-fired thermal power plant, etc. According to the reports, to solve difficulties, obstacles, facilitate companies producing construction materials from ash, slag, the companies propose recommendations on the issuance of supportive policies for units investing in selected plants such as on interest rate, income tax, VAT, at the same time helping enterprises access to such capital sources. Additionally, enterprises suggest: It should be specified that the ash, slag treatment units of the power plants enjoy a part of the cost of burying ash instead of buying it as currently. Moreover, wasted ash, slag from coal-fired thermal power plants needs to be properly treated to meet the requirements in Vietnam Standards (TCVN) to ensure the quality of construction materials and works.

With the aim to thoroughly treating waste ash, slag from coal-fired thermal power plants and make full reuse for construction materials, minimizing environmental pollution, in the coming time, EVN will commit itself to continuously facilitate the partners at maximum level to approach the option of transportation and consumption of ash, slag; coordinate with partners to work with state management agencies, recommend the promulgation of standards, regulations and guidelines on collecting, transporting and reusing ash, slag; be ready to support the partners in finding solutions to assuring   the quality of ash, slag, etc. Additionally, to achieve the objectives of treating and using ash, slag in accordance with Decision 452/QD-TTg dated 12 April, 2017 of the Prime Minister, the participation of all stake holders such as state management agencies, owners of thermal power plants, units receiving, using ash, slag, etc., is required. Accordingly, power generating enterprises as well as construction material producers also have some recommendations to state management agencies as follows: (1) Competent authorities enhance the propaganda, encouragement of developing market, habits of using construction materials so as for  establishments to increasingly use ash, slag, gypsum as raw materials for their production. (2) Promulgating legal regulations on requiring the market of construction materials to use products made from ash, slag, gypsum, concrete, unbaked bricks. (3) There should be mechanisms to support and facilitate investors to study, apply and participate in business cooperation with thermal power plants in treating and consuming ash, slag and gypsum. (4) Decree 38/2015/ND-CP should be amended in the direction of considering thermo-power ash, slag to be commodity products and not being adjusted by regulations on normal industrial wastes in case of meeting technical standards, regulations and technical guidelines as materials for production of construction materials. (5) Considering and promulgating a unit price for sea-encroaching concrete blocks made from ash.

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