29/04/2022 | Community activities
On March 30, 2022, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of NPCETC held its 16th Congress, term 2022-2017. The congress took place in the atmosphere of the youth of the whole country is trying to emulate many practical achievements to celebrate the 91st anniversary of the establishment of the Delegation. Attending the Congress, there were Mr. Dang Quang Hai - Member of The Hanoi Delegation BCH, UV BCH Party Committee of Hanoi Business Bloc, Secretary of The Hanoi Business Department; Comrade: Nguyen Quang Khanh – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and Director of the Company, and comrades in the Board of Directors, Trade Union BCH, secretaries, deputy secretaries, representatives of 31 affiliated branches.

Reporting at the Congress, Mr. Nguyen Dang Hien – Deputy Secretary of the NPCETC said that the term of 2017-2022 of the NPCETC Youth Union took place in the context of the renovation of the country in general and in the electricity industry in particular took place with great opportunities and challenges. With a large force, youth and enthusiasm, the youth of NPCETC has enthusiastically joined the youth of the Hanoi Industrial Bloc, the youth of the whole country performed their tasks well, clearly demonstrating the dynamic, stimulating and creative role in production labor and patriotic emulation movements. From labor and learning, officials and youth union members of Northern Electricity Experiment Co., Ltd. have been fiercely challenged and constantly matured. Outstanding results of the NPCETC Youth Union in the term of 2017-2022: Promoting the spirit of eagerness to learn, research and master new technologies, entrusted by the Northern Electricity Corporation to carry out major projects of the industry, such as TBA 110kV Nghi Son 1 Industrial Park (Thanh Hoa),  TBA 110kV Hung Nguyen (Nghe An), Que Vo 2 (Bac Ninh) ... Completing the second renovation project, SCADA substation 110kV to connect 240/240 TBA to the Remote Control Center. In the field of automation of substations, NPCETC's youth union members have actively explored and researched the successful construction of substation automation software (NES) recognized by the Copyright Office, the Intellectual Property Department granted trademark registration certificates and put into widespread use at the TBA 110kV of the Corporation,  renewable energy power plants (solar power, wind power). Young NPCETC engineers have contributed to successfully building software to exploit incident records, convenient in exploiting and analyzing power grid incidents right at the Remote Control Center; Complete all basic construction projects of TBA 110kV, 220kV, complete diagrams, raise transformer capacity,... of the project management boards and power companies to ensure the quality as well as meet the progress of the project. Completing the calibration of small and medium-sized e-commerce projects, solar power plant projects, wind power plants, regular experiments, special measurement of thermal power plants are highly appreciated by investors.

In addition to the achievements in production labor, the NPCETC Youth Union has implemented many appropriate solutions to attract members to participate in self-awareness and actively participate in activities of political education, celebrating the country's major holidays,  of the Party, of the Delegation, of the Electricity sector such as: The founding date of the Communist Party, the day of liberation of the south to unify the country, the date of establishment of the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union, the traditional day of the electricity sector, the date of establishment of the Company ... Sports, culture, arts, humane activities such as EVN Pink Week, Earth Hour ... with the participation of the NPCETC Youth Union is always vibrant and healthy. In the term of 2022-2027, the NPCETC Youth Union set out the goal of strengthening the ideal education, revolutionary ethics, changing the quality of the Union organization, while promoting the role of shock, creativity, mastery of science and technology. Strive to work with the Party Committee to accomplish the company's common objectives. Speaking at the conference, Mr. Dang Quang Hai - Member of The Hanoi Youth Union, UV BCH Party Committee of Hanoi Business Bloc, Secretary of The Hanoi Business Department praised the achievements of the NPCETC Youth Union, especially in the "creative youth" movement contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. He believed that the NPCETC Youth Union in the next term will have many optimal solutions to renew the group's activities in a flexible way, suitable to the living, learning and traveling conditions of youth union members; Actively participate in building the Party and the political system. Strongly implementing the movement "5 impulses for socio-economic development and national defense" and "4 accompanying young people to establish themselves and establish their careers"; Shockers take the lead in performing the company's production and business tasks, taking care of and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of young people. In order to improve the quality of organization and activities of the Delegation in the new term, the branches have jointly discussed, analyzed and proposed ideas to promote the role of the Youth Union in the development of the Party, creative impulses, leading in production and business and digital transformation... Also in the conference program, the NPCETC Youth Union elected the Executive Committee of the new term of 2022 - 2027 and elected a delegation to attend the 3rd Congress of the Hanoi Business Delegation, term 2022 - 2027.
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